Made in Japan

Ingredients: Polyoxyethylene alkyl ether, Sodium

carbonate, Sodium citrate, Sodium sulfate,

Sodium silicate, Sodium bicarbonate,


Features :

1) All natural enzymes, no chemical ingredients

2) Use one pack each time, effectively sterilizing the washing machine

Remove stains, oil, scale and fluff dust

3) It can decompose and remove the dirt accumulated in the washing machine tank

And inhibit bacteria

4) Anti-mold and deodorant, no damage to washing machine and pipes

5) No pollution to nature

6) Individually packed, easy to use

Instructions :

1) Pour 1 packet of the Ace Cleaner into the detergent storage compartment

2) Perform an empty wash program

3) It is recommended to use once a month or every 30 times after washing

* When using, do not add clothing or other

Washing Machine Ace Cleaner 6pack/box 72box/case

  • Brand: 天上野
  • Product Code: A1010JP
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  • $14.00

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Made in Japan   Ingredients: Polyoxyethylene alkyl ether,Sodium carbonate, Sodium citrate,..